Fast, Compact and Efficient Cameras

Subminiature USB cameras: World´s smallest industrial cameras with a size of only 15x15 mm offer 5 Mpix and 18 Mpix resolutions for size and weight constraint applications.
PCIe based high speed cameras: These cameras use fast and high-resolution CMOS sensors and stream images with up to 64 Gbit/s to the host computer. The updated portfolio includes the CB654 with 65.4 Mpix@76 fps and CB262 with 26.2 Mpix @150 fps.
USB3 Vision camera series: With this line of extraordinary small, lightweight, fast, efficient and highly customizable cameras, XIMEA offers a unique value and performance for the industrial market. The perfect fit for OEMs and system integrators.
Hyperspectral imaging cameras: Smallest and most lightweight USB3 and PCIe based hyperspectral cameras with 16 up to 150 spectral bands in the visible light and near infrared. Ideal for UAV and mobile applications.
Scientific grade cameras: For the most demanding applications that require the ultimate image quality. With large pixels, high resolutions, 16 bits dynamic range, low noise and high sensitivity. The utilized technologies include medium formats, back-thinned sCMOS, X-Ray, and subzero peltier cooling.




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