Exceptional CMOS Camera with Dual GigE

Increasing the operational capacity while ensuring the desired product quality are challenges every machine builder must address. As a reliable partner, Baumer understands their requirements and supports them with the new HXG camera series.

With the high resolution, up to 2048 x 2048 pixels, even tiny details can be inspected to ensure the desired product quality. In combination with global shutter operation, low read out noise and a pixel depth of up to 12 bit, excellent image quality for precise measurements is guaranteed. Additionally the cameras provide a high sensitivity that surpasses even state of the art CCD sensors. Due to the high bandwidth of the new Dual GigE interface more than 50 images per second can be continuously transmitted over distances of up to 100 m. As a consequence, these cameras are the fastest GigE cameras available on the market and allow very short inspection cycles to maximize production throughput.


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