New Generation of VeriSens Vision Sensors

The new generation of VeriSens vision sensors incorporates all the experience gained while solving many quality control and handling applications for our customers. A new robust metal housing with IP 67 protection class reliably encases the lighting, optics, evaluation electronics and Ethernet interface. The vision sensor now has a 12-pin main connection and each of the 5 digital in- and outputs can be flexibly used in the system. A new user interface supports fast commissioning and VeriSens can therefore be used as intuitively as you would expect from a sensor. The new part detection function allows for dependable orientation even in case of changing part position. Besides powerful functions to check product properties for presence and completeness, monitoring tasks can be completed simply, quickly and cost-efficiently in just a few steps. Five new VeriSens vision sensors are now available and you can operate all models the same way.


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