PCIe 2-CH Gigabit Ethernet Frame Grabber Supports Power over Ethernet

ADLINK's GIE62+ is a PCI Express x4 lane frame grabber that supports two Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras while delivering an unprecedented image acquisition rates of up to 2 Gbps and long cable distances of up to 100 m. The GIE62+ provides PoE to simplify installation, lower maintenance, and reduce the total cost of ownership. The GIE62+ supports the Link Aggregation Control Protocol to offer an inexpensive way to establish a double-speed backbone network that transfers much more data than any one single Gigabit Ethernet port or device. The GIE62 is also suited for automation applications by providing two of each isolated TTL digital inputs, outputs, and programmable trigger output pulses to connect to external devices such as position sensors and strobe lighting. ADLINK's digital imaging product portfolio for machine vision applications also includes a variety of the PCIe frame grabbers for IEEE 1394.b, CameraLink, and GigE Vision interfaces.


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