Jul. 11, 2012

High Speed Inspection of Color Filters

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The market of flat-panel displays (FPD) is a nearly $100 billion business that needs efficient automated optical inspection (AOI) to meet rising demand and remain cost effective. The color filters within the display represent a major inspection task, demanding both precision and speed. Inspection systems using high-speed, highresolution line scan cameras have proven themselves both equal to the present need and able to support panel technology's evolution. Demand for color flat-panel displays has driven significant growth and created a revenue growth of 20% in 2010. Three factors are driving this growth in  demand. One is an increase in the penetration of color FPDs in applications such as computer monitors, high-definition television (HDTV), smartphones, and  tablets. A second factor driving growth is the advent of new display functionalities, such as touchscreen , 3D capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity, that are opening new applications for FPDs. Rising demand from emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China are a third factor driving growth in the color FPD market.

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