Dec. 08, 2010

Green Vision - Driving Factor for a Green Future

The INSPECT Expert Panel at Vision 2010

Over the years the INSPECT Expert Panel, embedded in the Industrial Vision Days of the annual Vision trade show in Stuttgart, has become almost a tradition. After addressing topics like the "Future of Machine Vision Software", "Machine Vision and Security Technologies" and last year´s topic "All you ever wanted to know about 3D", we decided this year for "Green Vision": what can our technologies contribute to protect our environment and to maintain our nature for future generations?

To sum it up right away: much more than you would think of at first glance. Come to think of it, every vision system for quality inspection on the factory floor contributes to saving raw material and to reduce energy consumption. The earlier a quality flaw is detected in the production process, the smaller is the amount of energy wasted for the manufacture of what is scrap in the end anyway in further production steps and the smaller is the amount of raw material lost. This scenario does apply for a huge variety of different industries and products in almost endless variations.
In addition, also the automation of production processes, e.g. by the use of robot vision technologies, almost always increases the resource efficiency. To name only one example: Just think about the optimized use of adhesives at the body-in-white shop of a car manufacturer as soon as high-precision seam-tracking is put in place.

For quite a lot of companies being able to contribute with machine vision and optical technologies to sustainability is an incentive far beyond the pursuit of profitability. With the five inspirational keynotes of our Expert Panel at Vision 2010 we have been able to provide you with insights into what is feasible today. Here you can listen again to the complete audio stream o the event.

The five subsequent keynotes are:

Jørgen Andersen, CEO JAI, Denmark
Camera Technology put to work for Reduction of Traffic Congestions, Fuel Consumption and Air Pollution

Dr. Federico Giudiceandrea, CEO Microtec, Italy
Sensor-based Yield Optimization enabling Resource Efficiency in Wood Processing

Dr. Volker Rehrmann, Technical Director TiTech Group, Norway/Germany
Sensor and Machine Vision Technology in Waste Sorting and Recycling

Klaus-Herbert Rolf, Marketing Manager Claas Agrosystems, Germany
Minimization of Fertilizer and Pesticides Usage by Stereo Camera-based Steering Systems

Jan-Erik Schmitt, CEO Vision Components, Germany
Smart Cameras for the Quality Control in the Production of Solar Modules


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