Jul. 06, 2009

Advanced optical motion tracking

iotracker is an affordable optical tracking solution developed by the Interactive Media Systems Group at Vienna University of Technology. the iotracker is an ideal solution for demanding real-time applications such as room sized immersive visualization systems for virtual reality research, architectural walkthroughs, engineering decision-making and real-time motion-capture.

iotracker uses a varying number of high-quality Point Grey Research infrared cameras with integrated infrared strobe lights. The wide-angle design of both camera and strobe emitters allows for maximum coverage of CAVE-like environments and spaces in front of projection screens. Up to 12 rigid-body targets can be tracked at 56 Hz with 6 degrees-of-freedom at high accuracy and low latency. Due to an intuitive and straightforward calibration procedure, the system is ready to run within minutes of installation.


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