Apr. 24, 2020

New Standard Initiatives Hosted by EMVA

Open Optics Camera Interface (OOCI) and emVision

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Along with the two widely accepted standards GenICam and EMVA1288 the EMVA is currently hosting two new standard initiatives which
are geared towards new industry requirements.

The first one is called emVision and aims at the lasting industry trend towards embedded vision. Cameras and PCs as the main components of machine vision systems tremendously miniaturized over the last years. The combination of a processing board with a powerful small camera, make it possible to design a very compact vision system which can be integrated into a larger system. Such systems are called embedded vision systems and are of high interest to the machine vision industry. However, adaptation is needed in order to enable industrial solutions to use embedded systems. Hosted by the EMVA, in August 2018 this new standard initiative formed to address these needs. With an impressive support from the machine vision industry, the standardization group currently develops a standard to achieve an easy integration and exchange of different embedded cameras within embedded vision applications. Already more than 40 companies are showing interest in this initiative and the working group of the standard includes delegates from Adimec, Allied Vision, Alysium, Avaldata, Basler, Baumer, Euresys, Flir, Framos, Matrix Vision, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. The next steps of the standard initiative are to create a white paper with concepts and goals to be adopted by the Future Standards Forum (FSF) early in 2020, the year where also a first release candidate is targeted.

Open Optics Camera Interface (OOCI)

The second new standard initiative currently driven by the EMVA is the Open Optics Camera Interface (OOCI). As in machine vision the lens mount is still without any specification of how to control focus, aperture, etc. remotely the EMVA in 2017 has decided to start a new standardization group on an open lens camera communication standard to standardize the camera interface for optical components inside of, or attached to, machine vision cameras. Therefore, the focus of this standard is not so much the different mechanical existing as future lens mount, but a common communication protocol closely linked to the GenICam Standard.

The standard is concentrated on the need to control lenses, filters, filter wheels, shutters, apertures, etc. with a common software interface. The basic idea is to reuse and apply existing technologies from the GenICam standard as much as possible and integrate the optics communication into GenTL and SFNC. GenTL will ensure compatibility with most vendor specific existing electrical interfaces such as Analog/One­Wire/I2C/SPI. SFNC will make it easy to display and control the optics command interface from most existing end user applications. The OOCI working group believes that having this open standard will allow for the widest possible benefit to an industry that has to this date relied on de-facto standards, designed by single companies, for other markets. Already, major camera and optics manufactures have joined the working group and a white paper has been published as preparation for the global adoption of the standard.



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