Nov. 05, 2013

Microscopes for Industrial Inspection

Webinar now available on demand

Already thought about using an opto-digital microscope in your industrial enviroment? Why this is a good idea Olympus described in a webinar at the end of october. The complete webinar is now on demand available.

The new category of Olympus opto-digital microscope presents an ideal solution for detailed inspection and measurement throughout a range of manufacturing applications. Combining the latest in optical and digital technologies, the Olympus DSX series provides a complete investigation, measurement and reporting platform for the efficient management of industrial quality control workflows. Accurate inspection no longer depends on in-depth microscopy knowledge, thanks to intuitive operation and several innovative features in both the system and software design. Featuring both digital capture and display, on-screen viewing is perfect for comfortable long-term operation, discussions or training.

Drawing on the benefits of digital functionality, the stitching function automatically assembles hundreds of individual capture areas into a single 2D or 3D image, digitally expanding the field of view for the inspection of larger samples. Furthermore, the extended focal image (EFI) function constructs a completely focused 2D image, using the fine focus adjustment to combine many in-focus images from along the Z-axis. For operators who may lack the experience to know exactly when they should be using a certain technique or setting, Olympus has also incorporated the unique "best image" function, providing an on-screen display of multiple capture settings, which allows the user to pick the most insightful imaging technique. In addition to standard observation methods, the highlight function points out specific features of interest in a chosen colour, whilst the remaining sample is shown in black and white.

The webinar "Benefits of opto-digital microscopes for industrial inspection", which took place on 24 October, is now available on demand. It can now be viewed at any time for free.

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