Apr. 03, 2020

Precision and throughput for electronics manufacturing

Advanced positioning and control solutions for different production steps

  • Combination of several motion technologies for tactile testing of electronic componentsCombination of several motion technologies for tactile testing of electronic components

Industry 4.0, internet of things, cloud computing, autonomous driving, electronic health, augmented reality or artificial intelligence benefit from advanced technology that the semiconductor and electronics industry are currently making available. At the same time, these growing markets are presenting them with great challenges: Even smaller components with higher functional density, shorter innovation cycles, and a growing diversity of end products.

Positioning solutions for different process steps

Precision, throughput, reliability, and flexibility of production systems is becoming more decisive at a wafer and chip level not to mention at printed circuit board level. Each positioning solution for placing, aligning, processing or inspecting components must be able to meet these requirements.
The technological diversity and the high vertical range of manufacturing enables PI to react flexibly to the market development in electronics manufacturing and to offer motion systems that address the needs of OEMs, integrators and end users in the field of electronics manufacturing.

The new brochure "Motion Systems for Electronics Manufacturing" contains examples of automation platforms as well as a selection of positioning systems and control solutions for use in various production steps. You can download it here free of charge.

Tactile Testing of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are becoming smaller, more complex, operate in different environments, and include several types of components that require tactile, optical, and electronic testing methods. The position of these devices in the final assembly demands precise positioning of the inspection tool in several degrees of freedom. PI offers powerful flexible motion systems for various test methods that can be integrated into customer production lines. while maintaining capacity and throughput.

Learn more about the positioning solution.

The video shows a system with a unique range of motion technologies


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