Sep. 15, 2009

Silicon Software Extends and Reorganizes its Frame Grabber Product Series

With microEnable IV AD4-CL, Silicon Software introduces a new CameraLink board in the high speed frame grabber range with support of two independent BASE configuration up to one 10taps FULL configuration camera. Besides a support of all available sensor types, a wide range of real-time preprocessing functions for image corrections and enhancements are implemented. microEnable IV AD4-CL is equipped with a x4 PCI Express interface and supports a sustainable transfer rate of up to 780 MB/s. In parallel Siliconsoftware reorganizes its frame grabber product line. The new A- and V-series address different customers.

While the A-series is focused on a powerful and reliable image acquisition with integrated image correction and image enhancement features, the V-series additionally supports programmability and partial solutions for applications. Hereby the frame grabbers of the V-series are VisualApplets pre-licensed and support the "SmartApplet" series.

The frame grabber product line covers PCI as well as PCI Express interfaces, supports CameraLink even with Power over CameraLink (PoCL), and GigabitEthernet with standards GigE Vision and Gen<i>Cam. 


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