Aug. 07, 2009

GigE Cameras with Integrated LED Lighting Control

Baumer's new TXG series of GigE cameras is available with additional I/Os to increase the flexibility and capability of machine vision systems. This special functionality allows the control of custom-designed LED illumination modules directly from the camera‘s four independent outputs next to the trigger and flash connection. Each output provides a user-defined pulse width modulated (PWM) signal which can be tailored to drive custom-designed LED illumination modules. The internal PWM controller can be programmed to set both the duty cycle as well as the frequency of the modulated signal. Each port is independent and provides a current of 100 mA. Combined with the sequencer, a function which allows to take several images with different settings and illumination, engineers can use the TXG series of cameras to quickly, easily and cost-effectively solve machine vision tasks with a compact configuration, eliminating the need for an external LED illumination controller.


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