Jul. 22, 2009

Characterization of LEDs and Self-luminous Systems

With the Color Control MFA, Eltrotec Sensor supplies an integrated test system that is capable of monitoring and classifying the color, intensity and function of LEDs and self-luminous systems at up to 100 measuring stations simultaneously. The LEDs to be tested are assigned to a test matrix using light guides (up to 2 meters possible) and a mounting adapter responsible for positioning.

Array resolution of 1024 x 768 is used. The system works with high dynamic range and will detect low-emitting LEDs up to high-emitting types in a range from 200 - 4000 lux intensity. In the color spectrum RGB or HSI range there is a resolution for each better than Delta E of 1. The integrated testing software can be adapted for specific user processes. As well as calibration and white balance, image parameters can be assigned to the relevant positions of the LEDs to be tested. The detection evaluation rate is up to 100 measuring points in parallel at up to 32 tests per second.

Two versions with 55 and 100 test points are available. Options for 5, 10 or 20 test points with lower test conditions are available to the housing measures 95 x 87 x 230 mm and can be integrated into any testing system. All measured data is stored in the integrated Flash EEPROM. A PC with Windows XP is required for configuration of the testing software. As well as system advice and the software configuration, Eltrotec also supplies the hardware and full integration.


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