Oct. 04, 2010

Vision Processing Application

Visionscape software provides all the elements required to develop and deploy machine vision applications in an industrial environment. An extensive collection of proven image processing tools and a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) enable the simple and quick implementation of machine vision applications in any industry.


FrontRunner engineering user interface enables quick and easy creation of complex vision applications that can be run on PC-based systems or downloaded to the Visionscape smart camera, depending on specific application needs.


In the AppRunner standard runtime interface, the user is provided with complete system status, with abilities to start/stop the application, collect and review failed images, and present other diagnostic information.

Open ActiveX

A complete set of ActiveX components allow the creation of custom user interfaces and creation of vision applications on the fly.


From operators on the factory floor to application engineers and developers, Visionscape software offers a configuration environment that can be tailored to different users for maximum productivity.

Application Examples

► Assembly verification (automotive, medical devices,packaging)

► Print quality inspection (pharmaceutical, other)

► Package quality inspection (food and beverage)

► Component presence/absence checking (electronics)

► Part location (robotics, machine builder)

► Part identification (automotive, electronics, packaging)

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