Jan. 25, 2010

VeriSens Vision Sensors in Stainless Steel Housings

The new Baumer VeriSens Series 1500 and 1800 vision sensors feature stainless steel housings, IP69K protection class and Ethernet interface. With these innovations, they can reliably meet tough hygienic and bio-cleaning requirements in rugged surroundings while also ensuring flexible system integration. Their inspection, identification and character recognition capabilities can therefore function wherever required by the application - without additional mechanical protection aids. IP69K certificated cables are available for integration. VeriSens vision sensors with stainless steel housings are versatile imaging solutions for applications which demand high standards of cleanliness and hygienic control. In the food industry, for instance, they can inspect packaged foods and read the best-before dates. Food products can also be inspected before packaging with well-proven functions to check location, position, presence and completeness.
The Ethernet interface and Digital I/O permit easy system integration and configuration. The operator can easily achieve visualization and product changes via a standard web browser.
Naturally, the VeriSens vision sensors with steel housings are also based on the Baumer FEX contour processor. With a process reliability and performance unrivalled in their class, they can process up to 50 images per second.

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