Aug. 12, 2013

USB 3.0 A to Micro B Machine Vision Locking Screws Cable

New from Newnex Technology Corporation!

Newnex’ USB 3.0 Locking Screw cables follow the USB3 Vision Standard and are Machine Vision Compliant, with the spacing of 22 mm for A and B Connectors and 18 mm for Micro B Connectors. They are capable to send USB 3.0 signals up to 5 meters reliably for solving the distance connectivity problem in the Machine Vision Industry. With customizable length and plenty of variety in stock; Newnex will be able to provide exactly what your set-up requires.

For application in tight spaces, Newnex also manufacture USB 3.0 Angled Locking Cables. Similarly with straight locking cables, Newnex’ Angled cables also follow the USB3Vision Standard.

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