Sep. 29, 2017

Twin concept from software and camera

With the twin concept from the Smart Camera mvBlueGemini and the "mvImpact Configuration Studio", mvImpact-CS, users without programming know-how and developers without image processing knowledge can implement complete inspection tasks visually, quickly and cost-effectively. This is made possible by the intuitive and simple operating concept of the mvImpact-CS, which guides the user efficiently through inspection inspection via Wizards. An uncomplicated and fast entry into the industrial image processing is thus guaranteed. The release 1.4, which is now released, optimizes and expands many tools so that the user can make his inspections even easier, faster and even more flexible.

For example, the "Camera Setup" tool now has the option to perform camera calibrations. The advantage is that on the one hand, lens references are corrected, on the other hand a conversion from pixel to world coordinates takes place. For example, measurements or positioning calculations are possible in millimeters.


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