Sep. 25, 2018

SWIR lenses save development time

With the Optem Fusion modular microscopy platform, OEMs can immediately configure an accurate system without months of development time. Now, Qioptiq complements high-resolution lenses for all SWIR cameras currently available on the market. This makes it possible, for example, to detect microcracks in wafers in the semiconductor industry. The specially designed lenses for the short-wave infrared spectrum (SWIR) are ideal for hyperspectral imaging.

In addition, they can be combined with Optem-Fusion visible light components in a microscope system to enable multispectral imaging over a very wide range. The product platform contains a variety of optical and mechanical accessories: tube lenses, beam splitters, illuminators and more. With optional motorized zoom and focus, fully automatic and remote-controlled inspection solutions can be created.

VISION: Hall 1, Stand H62


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