May. 21, 2012

SVS-Vistek introduces EVO "BlackLine"

The all-new ECO- and EVO-BlackLine series cameras from SVS Vistek offering you IP67-rated cameras in resolutions from VGA to 8-Megapixels at the industry's fastest frame rates. Their rugged construction, LED-flash output drivers and industry-proven connectivity will make integration in areas requiring protection from dust, spray, food particles, sparks and chemicals as easy as IP67. 

EVO Series - When it counts on system success

  • 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-Megapixels
  • 21 to 190 Hz frame rates
  • The latest 4-Tap CCD sensors
  • Dual link-aggregate GigE Vision and medium-configuration Camera Link interfaces
  • 3 body styles - Standard, BlackLine and Tracer
  • 2 LED strobe output drivers capable of supplying up to 3 Amps of power
  • Compact 50 x 50 x 48 mm housing without lens mount and connectors

EVO-Tracer - Industrial Micro Four-Thirds (under development)

Zoom - Focus - Iris. Controlling all three without the need for a cumbersome, slow lens controller and cabling while using highest-quality industrial cameras is the dream of many application areas. This dream has now become reality with the EVO-Tracer - the world's first Micro Four-Thirds lens mount integrated into an industrial-grade camera allowing total control of the lens through its GigE Vision interface. Combine this total lens control with the EVO's ability to also control a motorized pan-tilt mount and you have the ultimate solution for a wide variety of applications from traffic, defense, high-end surveillance, welding and robotics, to environmental, boarder, harbor, and shipping container control.


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