Jun. 28, 2010

Scorpion Vision Software supports Sick 3D Cameras

Tordivel and Sick have released a new interface for all Sick 3D Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface to allow a superior performance with Scorpion Vision Software.
The interface makes the whole functionality of the 3D Cameras available inside Scorpion, including the unique MultiScan capacity to simultaneously acquire 3D and 2D data. Moreover, it is possible to acquire calibrated and rectified 3D data. "Scorpion Vision Software is a powerful framework where the user can process 2D and 3D images from our cameras without programming", acknowledges Fredrik Nilsson, the product manager for the Sick 3D Cameras. ‘‘In Scorpion, the 3D data is treated as true 3D Point Clouds that directly can be visualized and efficiently processed. This gives a high degree of flexibility and creates new opportunities for application solutions using the high quality 3D and MultiScan data from our cameras"."We really look forward to promote the Sick's 3D Cameras together with Scorpion Vision Software. The high speed 3D data is a perfect companion for Scorpion Vision 3D and will generate new opportunities in Automatic Inspection Systems", says Tordivel's CEO and founder Thor Vollset.

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