Aug. 30, 2017

Perfect balance and flexibility

Bench magnifier from Vision Luxo offers perfect balance and flexibility for efficient working. The self-balancing arms allowing a very easy positioning and remain in this exact position. With modern, energy efficient LED technology and for best ergonomic requirements.

Industrial Illuminated Magnifiers

  • Designed for industrial applications with perfectly balanced stands
  • Large, high quality optics for comfortable and effective viewing
  • Powerful illumination with excellent controllable light output
  • Energy efficient with the latest LED technology
  • ESD & UV variants available for specialist industry requirements
  • For use in industry, QC, R&D, laboratory, education, etc.

Perfect balance & maximum flexibility

The bench magnifiers from Vision Luxo are specially designed for maximum flexibility. They offer a combination of the three all-important head movements; horizontal side-to-side movement (yaw), up and down movement (tilt) and rotation around a horizontal axis (roll). The arms are perfectly balanced by quality spring systems which ensure smooth and easy positioning.

Ergonomic & energy efficient

The modern magnifiers are designed to provide the best possible ergonomics, while saving energy using LED technology. All LED magnifiers have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, around 25 years of normal use.

Illuminated optical magnification is in a large variety of industrial processes of prime importance

Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of a product's components. Many of the procedures in a value chain require the use of illuminated magnifiers, including assembly, inspection and process control.


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