Jul. 29, 2010

PCIe x4 Frame Grabber Supports Basler's Camera

Silicon Software is introducing a fast PCIe x4 frame grabber. This new grabber supports the Basler A406k/kc at its full bandwidth. Basler's A406k/kc, the fastest Camera Link camera. The combination of these components represents a powerful systems available for industrial imaging.

The microEnable IV series supports the maximum Camera Link speeds via a PCIe x4 interface. It reaches a transfer rate of 837 megabytes per second in a 10 tap, full configuration mode at the camera's full 2,320 x 1,726 pixel resolution and a repetition rate of 209 frames per second.

Because the data is transmitted via a DMA channel into the host RAM, additional processing for image reconstruction is not necessary. The frame grabber is multi-board enabled and supports the use and synchronization of multiple full configuration cameras in one system. The microEnable IV AD4-CL and VD4-CL frame grabbers support both Windows and Linux operating systems in a 32 bit and a 64 bit mode respectively.


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