Oct. 24, 2010

New Range of Line Scan and Area Scan Cameras

  • 4-CCD prism-based color line scan camera4-CCD prism-based color line scan camera

JAI announces a range of new advanced industrial multi-CCD/CMOS line scan cameras and area scan cameras. Among the new cameras on display are:

LQ-200CL - 4CCD color line scan camera:
LQ-200CL is a new prism-based 4-CCD color line scan camera. The camera features a beam splitter prism with hard dichroic coatings incorporating four precisely pixel-to-pixel aligned CCD sensors.

Red, Green, Blue and NIR light spectrum bands are captured simultaneously in four separate channels through the same optical path. By adding an NIR sensor, the new camera makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects.

The camera's prism-block technology enables users to avoid the complex alignment and encoding issues associated with tri-linear line scan cameras, especially those related to off-axis viewing, variations in conveyor speeds, surface undulations, or objects that roll or move as they pass through the camera's field of view.

LT-400CL - 3CMOS color line scan camera:
LT-400CL is a new 3-CMOS color Line Scan camera using 3 x 4,096 pixel line sensors. The sensors are mounted on a prism to provide separate channels for Red, Green and Blue light spectrum giving high quality color registration.
Using an advanced CMOS sensor, it is possible to get high resolution images and at the same time maintain a high inspection speed - a combination that is not possible with CCD line scan sensors.

With high quality design and manufacturing of the LT-400CL electronics, the camera is able to deliver a signal-to-noise ratio as high as 55dB providing low noise operation and superior image quality.

AT-140GE / AT-200GE - 3CCD RGB area scan cameras:
The new AT-140GE and the AT-200GE are the latest generation in JAI's industry-leading 3CCD RGB color camera series. The cameras draw upon JAI's expertise in prism-block technology to provide a larger sensor format and higher resolution than previously available 3CCD RGB models.

The AT-140GE features a resolution of 1,392 x 1,040 pixels and the AT-200GE provide a resolution of 1,628 x 1,236 pixels and are the first 3CCD progressive scan cameras to offer 3 x 12-bit RGB output, enabling them to distinguish between the most subtle of color variations.

A variety of features are provided to optimize image quality for specific applications and lighting conditions.

Included are four white balance modes, three gamma settings plus a Look-Up Table (LUT) or automatic shading compensation. Also included is a linear color matrix circuit enabling users to manually adjust each color channel or choose from pre-defined industry standard settings developed by HP, Microsoft, and Adobe.


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