Mar. 07, 2017

New LX VisualApplets 3D Cameras for Laser Triangulation

The Baumer portfolio of LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessing is complemented by fast 2 and 12 megapixel models with 2K and 4K line width respectively and profile rates of more than 2.5 kHz at 128 lines for precise 3D laser triangulation applications at high speed.

These 3D cameras feature a particularly developed laser triangulation applet based on VisualApplets technology. It allows for locating the laser line focus directly in the camera with subpixel accuracy, so transmission will only contain the profile data. The high resolution and profile rate allow for precise acquisition of the 3D information to identify even the slightest deviations reliably at high processing speed.

Thanks to the pre-installed 3D applet, laser triangulation tasks can be immediately set up without the need for additional programming – yet providing users with maximum flexibility in convenient adaptation to application-specific requirements. The 3D cameras are quickly integrated using third party software such as Halcon.


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