Jun. 07, 2018

New High-Performance Smart Camera

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A brand-new, ultra-powerful smart camera is about to hit the market to help businesses in a wide range of industries streamline their operations. This smart camera, the Hawk MV-4000 from Omron quadruples the processing power of the previous generation. It boasts up to six times the frame rate of its predecessor, achieving real-time trigger response using an FPGA (field-programmable gate array). Building upon a 35-year history of development in Automatic Identification and Machine Vision, the HAWK MV-4000 does code reading, code verification, inspection, guidance, and gauging, incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms that can serve applications in virtually any industry.

Users seeking high-quality images and a high level of configuration flexibility will appreciate this camera’s wide array of sensors, ranging from 0.3 MP to 5 MP with a pixel size of 4.8 μm. The system can be optimized for almost any application thanks to these sensors in combination with C-Mount lens options and plug-and-play external lighting. Automotive applications will benefit from the HAWK MV-4000’s long-range imaging and superior field of view. The consumer electronics industry will benefit from the camera’s precision gauging and inspection capabilities.


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