Jan. 07, 2020

New ground-breaking digital 3D display technology

DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) by Vision Engineering produces high-resolution 3D stereo images without using a monitor or wearing headset or special glasses: images "float" in front of a viewing mirror.

In times of increasingly demanding digital applications, image presentation is critical to improving the interpretation of 3D viewing or 3D models and enhancing the user experience. Based on this worldwide new technology the digital 3D viewing system DRV-Z1 results as a microscope version with stereo zoom. It was developed specifically for inspection and manufacturing applications and combines the advantages of optical stereomicroscopy and digital technology in one system.

The zoom module is equipped with a zoom factor of 10: 1 and allows a magnification range of 6x - 93x, depending on the lens. The digital 3D stereo image is projected onto a 400 x 225 mm concave mirror in an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The maximum working distance is 182 mm and thus allows optimal use of appropriate work equipment.

For users provides the digital stereo image of the DRV-Z1 a natural 3D view with Full HD resolution and excellent object sharpness, enabling improved inspection quality. For the first time is in a digital system a true depth perception presented which even better supports the use of tools such as soldering and deburring tools, micro tweezers or similar in the processing or manipulation of objects.

For organizations with a distributed office structure, or for customers whose supply chain network is geographically spread out, DRV-Z1’s patented technology drives productivity improvement and new opportunities in collaboration. A unique combination of natural, high clarity 3D image presentation and 3D image capture makes it possible to share 3D images with distant colleagues through a real-time digital connectivity (with appropriate bandwidth).

Classic fields of application are electronics, precision engineering, aerospace, plastics technology, automotive and medical technology.


  • Digital stereo magnification with 3D depth perception
  • Unparalleled hand to eye coordination
  • Remote viewing and sharing of live 3D images
  • Large field of view increasing efficiency and ease of working during inspection and micro assembly
  • Optimised ergonomics
  • Globally patented 3D technology

More about the product can be found here.


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