Feb. 01, 2017

New Family of High–resolution High-speed Machine Vision Cameras

  • Front view Mikrotron 25CXP+; 12CXP+ and 25CL+ (picture source: Mikrotron GmbH)Front view Mikrotron 25CXP+; 12CXP+ and 25CL+ (picture source: Mikrotron GmbH)

Mikrotron GmbH presented its new line of extremely compact high-resolution high-speed CoaXPress and CameraLink machine vision cameras at SPIE Photonics 2017.

All three new camera models, namely EoSens 25CXP+, EoSens 12CXP+ and EoSens 25CL+ are powered by an advanced OnSemi Phyton CMOS sensor. The high resolution of the CMOS global shutter camera models, combined with a precise trigger and synchronization, a high frame rate and short integration times , give a perfect image quality and allow, for example, capturing even the smallest details of components in PCB assembly in high speed. The extremely photo-sensitivity of the high-speed cameras of 5.8 V/lux*s @550nm delivers reliable image information even in low-light conditions. All camera models are based on a unique, robust and compact design (80 x 80 x 66 mm) and are engineered for use in rough environments. The fanless design guarantees vibration-free operation.

Due to their excellent performance and functionality, the new camera models meet the requirements for the most demanding tasks in all areas of application. They are ideally suited for all classical machine vision and scientific applications that combine the demand for high resolution as well as high speed. All models of the new high–resolution high-speed camera family are GenICam and EMVA 1288 compliant, enabling easy handling and integration.


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