Nov. 11, 2010

New F-Mount Industry Lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its range of F-mount industrial lenses with two new variants: 2.2/50 and 2.8/100. Both of these lenses with fixed focal length stand out due to their practical luminous intensity of 2.2 for the 50 millimeter version and 2.8 for the 100 millimeter variant. This new range of lenses called Xenon-Emerald has been designed to be particularly robust and compact to meet the high demands of industrial applications.

The lenses have a broadband coating for the 400 to 1000 nanometer range. This means that they are ideally suited both for use in the visible and the close infrared wave length region. These properties make the new F-mount lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach an all-round lens for industrial applications such as machine vision, quality control, web and surface inspection and line scan.

The F-mount bayonet mount used with this lens is a standard connection often used in image processing, especially for high-resolution area and line-scan cameras with an image circle of 43.2 mm.


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