Dec. 16, 2016

New Acrylic Longpass Filters

  • MidOpt Acrylic Longpass Optical- FilterMidOpt Acrylic Longpass Optical- Filter

Acrylic Longpass Filters are frequently used as enclosure windows, to shield lenses and lighting from damage, or to economically control the wavelength emission in large area, broad spectrum light sources.  Because of their durability, they are also commonly used in Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulated applications where exposed glass over the inspection area is not permitted. AC370 and AC380 offer anti-abrasion, anti-reflection coatings which can also withstand harsh solvents such as acetone and MEK. Highlights of the new acrylic longpass filters from MidOpt are:

  • High transmission ranging from 90 to 98%
  • Available with an anti-reflection coating for maximum transmission
  • Optical-grade acrylic
  • Impact-resistant
  • Half the weight of glass

Acrylic Filters are available in threaded mounts, sizes M13.25 to M105, as well as slip mounts. They can also be precision laser-cut to almost any desired size or configuration, and are available for next day delivery.

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