Mar. 17, 2017

Necta line scan camera series from Alkeria

Necta camera series from Alkeria, introduced in 2014 at Vision show Stuttgart, comes from the experience gained by the Italian company with industrial and biomedical OEM customers. Necta is available with various sensor options and aims to those applications requiring high performances, providing the cost effectiveness and ease of use of USB3 interface.

Necta is successfully used in food sorting, web inspection, quality control and metrology applications. As for all Alkeria product line, Necta features USB3 interface, that stands always more as the new standard for machine vision applications requiring a good balance between performances, costs reduction and ease of use . Thanks to USB3 interface Necta is capable of remarkable performances (up to 95 kHz of linerate at full resolution) and significant cost reduction benefits, avoiding the need of expensive cables and framegrabbers required by Camera Link solutions. Necta is available in 2K, 4K and 8K resolution, with CMOS monochrome and color sensors, an Analog/Digital 12-bit conversion system and comes with a comprehensive SDK for Windows and Linux, together with a rich list of code samples in C# and C++. Starting with a list price of € 990, Necta is available for direct international sales.


Alkeria Srl
Via Giuntini, 25 - int. 36
56021 Navacchio (PI)
Phone: +39 050 778060

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