Feb. 01, 2017

Multi-Camera Vision Controller

  • Tattile M100 CLink (Copyright: Tattile srl)Tattile M100 CLink (Copyright: Tattile srl)

Tattile, a manufacturer of custom vision solutions used by OEM’s and Systems Integrators in machine and quality control in production plants worldwide, presented its M100 CLink Multi-Camera Vision Controller. The M100 CameraLink is an industrial PC specifically designed for vision systems. Compared to classic industrial PCs this Vision Controller combines a number of advantages for ease of installation: It is Fanless with a compact and rugged construction, and comes out of the box ready-to-use requiring no loading of any OS software or drivers or any additional components such as a frame grabber or switch, and it contains an FPGA-enabled real time I/O allowing for extremely low-latency synchronization between vision system, cameras and machine automation.

The M100 has four Camera Link ports allowing the connection of Tattile or other manufacturers’ Camera Link cameras using only one cable by Power over Camera Link (PoCL). The device supports four base links with maximum band of 255MB/s, two medium links with maximum band of 510MB/s, two full links with maximum band of 680MB/s or two 80-bit links with maximum band of 850 MB/s. Thanks to the open architecture by use of standard Windows Embedded Standard 7 64 bit or Linux O.S., it is possible to develop vision applications with Tattile software as well as with third party software and libraries.


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