Sep. 05, 2016

More transparency in the measuring process

The measuring microscope series Swift & Swift-Duo from the traditional British microscope manufacturer Vision Engineering comes with a number of new features to adjust the requirements in the workshop and production area.

Swift Blue gives your measurement capacity the edge

Increasingly „Black Box“ measuring systems will be used in the field – this means that the user receive at the touch of a button a measurement result of which origin he cannot verify by himself. User who wants to know exactly what is going on with the measuring system but requires more transparency in the measuring process and chooses a manual measuring process consciously.
The new Swift Blue series enable engineers, production & quality control managers and workshop employees alike to quickly and accurately measure a wide range of small and larger parts through the user-friendly operating concept with amazing ease.
The optical eyepiece-less measuring microscope features increased measuring capacity, an improved higher resolution camera and the additional choice of a brand new controller ideally suited for accurate work in the metrology.

High-res camera and brand new controller

Featuring a new high resolution camera coupled with a larger HD monitor, the new Swift Blue family offers superior image quality, as well as increased measurement capacity, so you can measure both small and larger components with ease. The new QC 3000 stand-alone controller combines feature-rich capabilities with intuitive operation, in a high quality all-in-one touch-screen design as a maintenance-free unit without PC and whose care needs. All systems now benefit from an increased 200mm x 100mm measurement capacity as standard and offer therefore more flexibility in terms of component or part size.

Two measurement systems in one!

Dual video and optical measurement technologies provide the best of both worlds. And this concept with an integrated ergonomic microscope optic and two leading software options is unique in the manual non-contact metrology area. Therefore the Swift Blue series is a successful applied solution wherever reliable and repeatable results are required combined with the certainty of measured accurately.


  • Featuring a new high resolution camera
  • Increased measuring capacity
  • 5μm stage accuracy
  • Choice of two class-leading controller / software options
  • Patented Dynascope® optics provide unrivalled image clarity
  • Dual video and optical measurement technologies provide
  • the best of both worlds


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