Jun. 30, 2017

Lumenera's High Resolution 29 Megapixel Large Format USB 3.0 Camera

Built with a high resolution 35 mm format CCD sensor with a fully global electronic shutter, Lumenera's Lt29059 camera captures images with zero blur. This high performance USB 3.1 camera provides high smear rejection and dynamic range and incorporates a Canon EF lens mount with fully integrated controller for auto focus/iris supported by Lumenera's API, increasing accuracy and flexibility for remote applications.

The Lt29059 captures both monochrome and vivid color images for the most demanding environments. For lower light applications, the optional ON Semiconductor Truesense Sparse color sensor provides a 2x improvement in light sensitivity compared to a standard color Bayer part. Full streaming uncompressed video and still image captures are easily controlled through stable and reliable USB 3.0 device drivers. Region of interest and binning modes allow the camera to run at faster frame rates, and image capture synchronization uses hardware or software triggers with 256 MB of on board memory for frame buffering to ensure image delivery.

The Lt29059 is designed for challenging environments and applications that demand high resolution such as intelligent traffic systems, high-resolution industrial inspection, surveillance, and aerial imaging, and is customizable to meet your unique application requirements.


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