Oct. 30, 2012

Lumenera with USB 3.0 CMOSIS-Sensor Based Cameras

Lumenera was one of the first in the imaging industry to leverage USB technology, and is now doing it again by pairing CMOSIS sensors with a USB 3.0 interface. This new product family is the result of intense research and development efforts. The company tackled multiple innovations, combining the highly anticipated USB 3.0 interface with high-speed global shutter CMOS sensors, all in a new compact package that exudes performance. This new product line features six distinct color, monochrome and NIR enhanced cameras based on the CMOSIS CMV4000 (Lt425) and CMV2000 (Lt225) megapixel sensors. Product highlights include a robust, sleek enclosure, compact design for integration, as well as industrial and scientific models. Built in FPGA-based image processing ensures the highest image quality without having to compromise on performance. The camera series will be unveiled at Vision 2012.


Teledyne Lumenera
7 Capella Court
Ottawa, ON K2E 8A7
Phone: +1 613 736 4077
Telefax: +1 613 736 4071

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