Aug. 14, 2015

Lumenera: High Performance 16 Megapixel CCD USB 3.0 Camera

The soon-to-be-available Lt16059H is a 16 megapixel high-performance USB 3.0 camera equipped with the KAI-16070 35mm format CCD image sensor from ON Semiconductor (Truesense). With 7.4 µm pixel size, this camera is ideal for applications where high dynamic range and high resolution are required. The Lt16059H surpasses the competition with an impressive frame rate of 12 fps at full resolution over USB 3.0.
The new KAI-16070 boasts a smear performance of 32dB better than the older KAI-16000 and supports a global electronic shutter that captures high quality, high-speed images with virtually zero image blur. Lumenera’s Canon EF lens mount has a fully integrated controller for auto focus/iris supported by their API, which increases accuracy and flexibility for remote applications.

Lt16059H Camera Product Highlights Include:

  • Canon EF lens mount with fully integrated controller for auto focus/iris supported by our API, increases accuracy and flexibility for remote applications
  • High quality ON Semiconductor KAI-16070 CCD sensor provides excellent dynamic range, low smear and excellent color reproduction
  • Quad tap design for fastest possible frame rates
  • Fanless body, small footprint and lower power requirements
  • Locking industrial USB 3.0 connector
  • Locking GPIO connector supporting 2 output, 2 input and 2 software configurable I/O ports and power, allowing external control of peripherals and synchronization of lighting
  • Zero loss 256 MB RAM frame buffer for reliable image delivery in demanding situations
  • Simplified cabling - video, and full camera control over a single USB cable
  • Binning improves sensitivity and Region of Interest (ROI) provides higher frame rates

The Lt16059H benefits from Lumenera's proven USB 3.0 technology. Full streaming uncompressed video and still image captures are easily controlled through a set of stable and reliable USB 3.0 device drivers.

Region of interest and binning modes allow the camera to run at faster frame ates while only providing the image data you need. Image capture synchronization is achievable using either a hardware or software trigger. The Lt16059H can also be customized to suit OEM designs.


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