Dec. 07, 2011

LMI: Megapixel 3D Sensors Measure Fine Details Down to Microns

Many 3D measurement and control applications today require higher resolution devices to inspect small parts over a large field of view. To address this market need, LMI Technologies has expanded their revolutionary Gocator product line to include the 2300 megapixel family of pre-calibrated all-in-one 3D smart sensors. LMI's Megapixel Gocator sensors provide 3D profile data with resolution down to the micron level, at faster speeds than previous models.
The Gocator 2300 series is designed to share the same Clearance Distance (CD), Measurement Range (MR) and Field of View (FOV) as that of the Gocator 2000 series, but with significantly increased resolution. The same Gocator web browser interface and open source SDK support the new megapixel sensors, providing simple and quick setup and system integration.

Mount Sensors side-by-side

With megapixel imagers, the sensor data output rate is increased significantly compared to earlier models (4X for the 2300 series). To accommodate the higher data rate, the new sensors communicate with a Gigabit Ethernet interface for faster data delivery. Standard M12 connectors are used for power, I/O and LAN. The Gocator 2300 megapixel sensors are smaller in size than 2000 models making them easier to install in confined spaces or on robotic arms. The narrower sensor package makes it simple to mount sensors in a side-by-side configuration to scan wide surfaces without gaps in coverage. All Gocator sensor housings conform to IP67 standards. In addition to a new Megapixel model line, LMI has launched a series of new software features for all Gocator sensors. Gocator users now have access to a Whole Part mode for automated volumetric measurement including volume, centroid locations, orientation and other part properties. Intensity Output expands upon Gocator's core 3D scanning ability to offer the benefits of 2D visual inspection. Grey scale data can be combined with 2D image processing libraries to easily identify surface defects and patterns. Multi language support has been added to the user interface to support global adoption and the Gocator can now more easily integrate into the factory by communicating data via Modbus TCP over Ethernet.


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