Mar. 01, 2010

LED Coaxial Illumination Systems for Infrared Applications

The Swiss illumination manufacturer Volpi has expanded his range of standard products with high-power LED coaxial illumination systems for infrared applications. All CIS (Coaxial Illumination System) and ACIS (Advanced Coaxial Illumination System) versions are now available with infrared-LEDs. These systems use special high-power IR-LEDs with a wave-length of about 875 nm. Due to the high quality standard the illumination level is completely homogeneous. The advantage of a long-waved infrared-range is the marginal interaction with the material. Because of this characteristic, IR coaxial illumination systems are capable of transmitted light inspections of coloured materials, inspection of printed or draggled surfaces or OCR-applications on banknotes or bankcards.

The modules are low-maintenance and industrial worthy with marginal expenditure. They are available in five different sizes with illumination areas between 25 mm x 25 mm and 150 mm x 150 mm. Every size is also available with red LEDs (630 nm) and white LEDs (7800 K).


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