Aug. 31, 2016

JAI Introduces New Cameras at Vision Stuttgart 2016

  • JAI’s new high-speed monochrome camera SW-8000M-PMCLJAI’s new high-speed monochrome camera SW-8000M-PMCL

JAI launches two new high-speed monochrome line scan cameras in the company’s Sweep Series. The SW-4000M-PMCL model is equipped with a 4K (4096 pixels) CMOS monochrome line sensor, delivering a scan rate of up to 200 kHz (200,000 lines/second). The other new monochrome model – Sweep SW-8000M-PMCL – features an 8K (8192 pixels) CMOS line sensor delivering a scan rate of as much as 100 kHz (100,000 lines/second). Both cameras are available with F-mount and M42 mount and the 8 and 10-bit data output is handled via a Camera Link Deca interface.
Among the new cameras in JAI’s Go Series of small size industrial area scan cameras are four new 5-megapixel models all based on Sony PregiusTM CMOS sensors (2464 x 2048 pixels). The GO-5101M-PGE and GO-5101C-PGE (monochrome and color) are based on the IMX264 sensor whereas the models GO-5100M-PGE and GO-5100C-PGE (monochrome and color) are based on Sony’s IMX250 sensor adding multi-ROI capability to the feature list. All models feature low noise, high dynamic range, global shutter and power-over-GigE Vision interface making all four models capable of delivering 22.7 frames/second in full resolution.
In addition to the GigE Vision models, JAI expands its Go Series with two new USB3 Vision models; GO-5100-USB with 5 megapixels delivered at 74 frames/second (based on Sony IMX250) and a 2.35 megapixel camera (GO-2400-USB) delivering 160 frames/second (Based on Sony IMX174). JAI will also display two new high speed 12 megapixel industrial area scan cameras in the Spark Series.


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