Jun. 07, 2016

JAI: Dual Camera Link interface enables imager to run at 165 fps

 JAI has introduced the GO-2400-PMCL, the newest member of its Go Series of small and lightweight industrial cameras. The new camera is equipped with a two-channel Mini Camera Link interface enabling its Sony IMX174 CMOS imager to output full resolution 2.35-megapixel images at up to 165.5 frames per second in 8-bit continuous mode.Cameras with the IMX174 imager have become increasingly popular due to the low-noise qualities of its CMOS imager technology. The imager features 5.86-micron square pixels, a 1936 x 1216 pixel resolution, and a full well depth of over 30,000 electrons. This advanced technology results in a signal-to-noise ratio of over 60 dB and a standard dynamic range of nearly 72 dB.

As part of JAI’s Go Series, the new GO-2400-PMCL places the IMX174 into a small and versatile form factor (29 mm x 29 mm x 41.5 mm, excluding lens mount) weighing only 46 grams – one of the lightest cameras available at this resolution. More importantly, the camera is built to high industrial-grade standards including an 80G shock rating, 10G vibration rating, and an operating temperature range of -5°C to +45°C, helping it to achieve a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) specification of over 200,000 hours.

Two new GO-2400-PMCL models are available – the GO-2400M-PMCL with 8- or 10-bit monochrome output (including near-infrared sensitivity), and the GO-2400C-PMCL offering 8- or 10-bit raw Bayer color output. Standard features include a high-performance global shutter with speeds as fast as 15 µs, and a region-of-interest (ROI) function for windowing the field of view to achieve faster frame rates or to utilize smaller optical formats than the camera’s 1/1.2” standard C-mount format. A multi-ROI mode is also provided as a standard feature.     

Other features include pixel blemish compensation and shading correction functions, and a built-in 256-point look-up table for gamma customization. Monochrome models also are equipped with a binning function (1x2, 2x1, 2x2) for increasing pixel sensitivity.  The GO-2400-PMCL cameras can be powered over the Camera Link interface. Alternatively, a 4-pin connector can also be used to power the camera, giving users the option of using less expensive “non-powered” Camera Link frame grabbers when needed. 


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