Aug. 20, 2010

Innovative Panel Machine Vision System

With the advantages of a panel PC and the capacity and flexibility of the long established image processing software Vision P400, Panasonic's new Imagechecker P400PD offers an affordable, effective solution for myriad inspection tasks. P400PD loans itself particularly well to applications where installation space is limited.

In Panel Format
Thanks to its panel format, the device can be easily integrated into existing systems. Numerous communication interfaces (USB, serial ports, Gigabit Ethernet, fieldbus) are available to further ease integration into the existing system. Windows XP embedded comes installed on an industrial CF card, which, in combination with the File Based Write Filter, provides for stability and protects your data, e.g. in the event of an uncontrolled system shutdown.

By default, the Imagechecker supports two Gigabit Ethernet cameras, though the number can be extended by using switches. Currently, four different camera types are available and boast a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels per camera. You can mix and match cameras as necessary.

With Vision Software
The P400PD is delivered ready to use and is equipped with the latest version (5.0) of the multifunctional image processing software Vision P400 Essentials. You are only one click away from accessing decades of optimized image processing algorithms and expertise that will save you time-consuming programming work. You can quickly modify or create your own inspection routines using the intuitive user interface, e.g. by dragging and dropping pre-defined inspection elements called checkers into your application.

Algorithms for Several Inspection Tasks
Vision P400 Essentials provides algorithms for almost all common inspection tasks such as size measurement, contour checking, object identification, feature recognition, OCR, 2D code, etc. If these functions prove insufficient, you can add your own functions as DLLs via the UDC (user defined checker) interface. You can customize your user interface for Vision P400 using ActiveX technology, increasing the comfort for setting parameters already provided by the touch screen.

The P400PD Imagechecker is heralding in a new age of industrial image processing.

It not only bridges the gap in our own product range between compact and flexible PC-based systems, but also supplies market demand for machine vision products in this area.


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