Sep. 06, 2011

High tech ZM18 lasers for the inspection of moved and unmoved objects

The ZM18 laser family are used in image processing systems as structured light and illumination. The reflection techniques, which the lasers offer, can be applied for the inspection of moved and unmoved objects. The analogue and digital modulation of ZM18 at the same time allows variable laser intensities and the synchronisation with a system for image processing, e.g. with a camera. Depending on the type and shape of the objects, precise micro and macro lines or other optical patterns are applied like multi lines, dot matrix, crosshair, grid, circle and dotted circle.

Main product features ZM18:

  • Analogue and TTL modulation up to 20MHz
  • 5-30VDC operation with reverse polarity protection
  • Output power up to 200mW
  • Red, green, infrared, blue & Violet wavelengths available
  • IP67 rated, fully water proof
  • Integrated µController as well as serial interfaces
  • Internal saving (storage) of ambient temperature, working hours, etc.
  • APC with power limitation or constant power supply
  • Simple, external hand focusing mechanism
  • Quick installation by M18 thread for e.g. sensor mounting
  • LED signal indicates laser operation and malfunction



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