Sep. 07, 2020

High Speed Camera with Sony 4th Gen Pregius S Sensors

  • Picture: LucidPicture: Lucid

The new Atlas10 camera features Sony’s 4th Gen Pregius S CMOS sensors, capable of 1.2Gb/s bandwidth over 10GBASE-T PoE and delivering a new level of imaging performance for high speed applications. Sony’s proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure enables a reduction in pixel size to 2.74 μm while still maintaining excellent image quality compared to previous Sony Pregius generations.

The first model in the Atlas10 camera series has the 24.5 MP Sony Pregius S IMX530 global shutter 4/3” image sensor, which offers up to 51 frames per second at full resolution. Subsequent models include the 20.4 MP featuring the IMX531 and the 16.2 MP featuring the IMX532. The 24.5 MP Atlas10 is now available for order.


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