Oct. 18, 2011

High-Resolution Machine Vision Cameras from Pixelink

Pixelink recently introduced the PL-E950 CCD industrial camera - a high-resolution machine vision camera that is both compact and affordable. Offering resolutions from VGA up to 4 mega pixels, PL-E950 cameras feature a Gigabit-Ethernet (GigE) interface that ensures fast data transfer rates. Available in both monochrome and color versions, the PL-E950 is well suited to applications that require multiple, small-footprint cameras. These include security surveillance and monitoring, biometrics, parts inspection, metrology and more.

Powerful SDK

As with all Pixelink cameras, the PL-E950 can be combined with Pixelinks Software Developer's Kit (SDK) to streamline and simplify the integration of the camera into machine vision applications. Now shipping, the PL-E950 is available directly from Pixelink or from its network of certified channel partners.


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