Aug. 25, 2011

High-resolution infrared camera for scientific and R&D applications

FLIR introduces FLIR SC655: The SC655 is the world's first high-resolution uncooled infrared camera to provide high-speed windowing modes (up to 200 Hz with a 640 × 120 sub-window), digital control of image flow and recording in FLIR's R&D Software's and to be fully compliant with both GenICam and GigE Vision protocols, making it ready to integrate with a variety of third-party analysis software packages. This combination makes the SC655 the most effective tool available for infrared research, product development, non-destructive testing and range phenomenology. Helping you to capture and record thermal distribution and variations in real time, so you can see and accurately quantify heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other heat-related factors in equipment, products, and processes.


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