Jul. 18, 2019

High-resolution 31 megapixel cameras for USB 3 and dual GigE

With the IMX342 Pregius sensor, Sony has launched a high-resolution global shutter CMOS sensor, which is very sensitive to light with a pixel size of 3.45 μm and provides a very high dynamic range. Due to the high resolution and size of the APS-C sensor, Matrix Vision has opted for an M42 mount, which can be adapted to other lens connections via adapters. In order to be able to handle both Dual-GigE and USB3 equally, the housings of the existing camera families have been aligned, so that the user in the future fully concentrate on the choice of this sensor or future high-resolution sensors and act completely flexible in choosing whether Dual-GigE or USB 3 can.

The housings therefore have a uniform front flange cross-section of 49.8 x 49.8 mm and are almost identical in depth: 53.8 mm for USB3 and 55.3 mm for Dual-GigE. In order to meet the high demands on optics, Matrix Vision has taken over selected M42 lenses from Zeiss into the portfolio.


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