Jul. 27, 2011

Gocator – A 3D Smart Sensor That Makes 3D Measurement Easy

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Gocator 2000 family of laser line displacement sensors is an all-in-one solution that makes 3D measurement and control for factory automation accessible to all levels of expertise. From power users with years of experience using 3D sensors to process control technologists who have not yet used 3D, Gocator gets you from the box to measuring in minutes.

The built-in web application delivers a responsive, feature rich, and exceptionally user-friendly setup experience - no additional software required, supporting multiple languages. You go from connecting, configuring, and performing measurement and controls fast - without specialized training or programming effort. Essentially it's point, click, and measure.

The fluid and friendly setup environment allows you full control over critical factors such as exposure, scan rate and triggering. With Gocator's built-in 3D measurement tools including width, thickness, angle, profile comparison, whole part inspection and much more you can precisely control what matters on your production line.

The flexible I/O allows Gocator to easily communicate with your existing hardware. Measurement decisions can be output through Ethernet, digital, analog, and/or serial channels. This interconnectivity delivers time and cost savings with fewer components to buy or setup offering support for various PLC communication protocols.

For more complex measurement tasks, Gocator can be scaled for use in multi sensor systems. Connect two Gocators and they automatically perform as if they were one sensor to expand the FOV or perform true differential thickness measurements at the click of a button. The available open source SDK gives you further control of one or many Gocators from your host computer. LMI's Master controllers are available to integrate and synchronize up to 24 Gocators into your control system.

With a variety of standoff and measurement ranges and laser power classifications to choose from, there's a Gocator sensor to fit your application. To learn about new features and how Gocator meets your 3D measurement needs go to http://www.lmi3D.com/product/gocator-2000-family.


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