Jan. 05, 2020

Flir introduces industrial deep learning imaging camera

Flir introduced the Firefly DL. According to the manufacturer, it should be the first deep-learning, interference-capable machine vision camera with neuro technology. Due to its small size (27x27x14.5 mm), the low weight (20g), the low power consumption and the maximum learning ability, the Flir Firefly DL camera is particularly suitable for installation in a mobile phone, a desktop and in portable systems.

The Firefly DL with Deep Learning enables OEMs, engineers, and developers to develop and deploy fast-paced solutions for demanding automation tasks. In addition, system vendors reduce the cost and burden of their work by installing a trained neural network directly in the camera, eliminating the need for a host system that performs classification, object recognition and location tasks.

The Firefly DL combines the power of industrial image processing with deep learning to tackle complex and factual issues, such as: B. Face recognition or quality certification of a solar module. The Firefly DL camera is the first Flir camera to use Flir Neuro technology, allowing the operator to install his trained neural network directory on the camera, with links to the fringes and camera. Flir Neuro provides an open platform and supports the most common frameworks such as: TensorFlow and Caffe with maximum flexibility. Neuro is a perfect solution for the assignment, location and acquisition of information.


Flir Systems GmbH
Berner Strasse 81
60437 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 950090 0
Telefax: +49 69 950090 40

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