Nov. 18, 2009

EyeSpector 800 Nano: Compact Vision Sensor in check card size

EVT allocates an compact system, the EyeSpector 800 Nano. Among its size of a check card the system persuades with simple integration in existing systems. The ES 800 Nano measures 80 x 45 x 20 mm and weighs 90 g. Despite its size it contains the complete evaluation electronics including the applicable optics and the necessary illumination. The compact camera can be obtained with the resolutions 640 x 480, 1024 x 768, 1,280 x 1,024 and 2,500 x 2,000 pixel (available in gray and in color).

The system possesses 2 inputs and 4 outputs (24 V), a high speed trigger input and a flash output. An optional I2C Bus interface is available. Additional the system has the ES standard access for Power I/O and Ethernet. The system is compatible with the EyeSpector series. Eight status LEDs ensure an overview of the status of the sensor and the standard I/Os.

The camera is equipped with the capable EyeVision software, so the user realize reading, checking and measuring tasks with the simple drag-and-drop programming. Therefor the user has to drag an command icon from the command line and drop it in the program editor. Finally the user has to configure the program with the object. The Icons which are self-explanatory and the simple programming allow even laymans to solve tasks like for example the measuring of an object.

The intuitive configure process allows to change the inspection anytime without interrupting the production flow. The application of the vision sensors was especially aligned with the requirements of the automotive industry, the electrical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor industry and the packaging technology.

The EyeView technology is also available for the vision sensors and guarantees that the image date and results can be displayed central and clearly arranged on every PC which is connected to Ethernet. The user knows immediately if the result is good or bad thanks to colored borders. A good result is displayed with a green border, a bad one with a red border and if a yellow border is displayed the user is warned.

Additional software interfaces to SAP and ORACLE allow to save all data like e.g. measuring values in a very simple way.

The results can be also transferred to a SQL-database. Therefore the production results are available anywhere in the company.


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