Mar. 10, 2019

Edmund Optics introduces liquid M12 lens series

  • 6mm F/2.4 M12 lens with integrated liquid lens6mm F/2.4 M12 lens with integrated liquid lens

Edmund Optics´ liquid lens M12 lens series utilizes the Varioptic liquid lens to enable the user to quickly focus anywhere between the minimum working distance and infinity. With the optical design being optimized to account for the liquid lens, this lens series offers high image quality on large sensor formats of 1/2” or even 1/1.8”, depending on focal length. With the liquid lens being positioned at the aperture stop, all lenses operate at a very fast F/2.4.

The intelligent opto-mechanical design supports the ease of use: Simply fully thread in the lens to the camera and use the liquid lens to focus from there. In addition, the rear section of the lens can be removed to have easy access to the liquid lens itself. The housing is designed so that the liquid lens can be rotated by 180°, granting the user two options regarding the position of the FPC cable. The lens series comprises four focal lengths of 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 16mm.



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