May. 03, 2017

CX series – now more than 1000 fps

Baumer continues to upgrade the successful CX series with resolutions up to 12 megapixel in compact 29 x 29 mm housing. Now, firmware release 2 is speeding up image processing to greater than 1000 fps by ROI selection (Region Of Interest). The new standard-compliant sequencer in conjunction with the existing burst mode open up virtually unlimited possibilities in dynamic applications.

Thanks to ON Semiconductor PYTHON sensors, partially selected pixels are being read out not only vertically but also horizontally at increased speed, which results in significantly higher ROI frame rates. The CX cameras now even more efficiently solve tasks in packaging, food and beverage, medical technology and many other industries.

The new sequencer allows changing camera settings during the acquired image sequence. This is possible even at maximum sensor speed and independent of the interface bandwidth thanks to burst mode.

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